The Web, My Passion

I love being a webworker with a clear focus on creating sustainable, fast, and secure code in order to power up web apps and websites. Doing lots of WordPress themes, plugins and widgets for websites and blogs. However, my hobby-horse are apps. I design & create custom applications using state of the art PHP frameworks in combination with strong databases and powerful frontends. Always excited about new technologies, i never grow tired of increasing my skills and know-how.

The Skills

Skills? Ok, here we go, the essential skills every developer needs.

Turning pizza into code
Be nerdy 'n geeky
Bug Hunting

Photography, My Hobby

Find out more about my hobby on my photography site. I’m posting some of my photos there time to time.



My timeline

1983 Little me was born in Schwerin (DE). Whohoo.
2000 Education to Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwicklung
2004 Webdeveloper at creative vision gmbh
2006 Went to Switzerland for living and working.
2006 Software Engineer at insign gmbh
2011 Back to the roots a.k.a. Schwerin (DE) to start freelancing as a Software Engineer.
2012 My little sweet Zuckerpuppe was born. Now i’m a proud daddy!
2013 Together with my swiss friends (Karin, Silvan & Velthy), i founded the awesome required gmbh.
2013 Got married to the beautifulest fiancee on earth. Here are the proofs.
2014 Still happy with my live and work.