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CODESCHMIEDE is the place where I (Stefan Pasch) create Websites and Applications. Living in the north of Germany, in Schwerin, not far from the Baltic Sea. I always was addicted to computers and started building websites when i was 15 years young. Within the last years i gathered experience in modern web technologies to create professional websites 'n apps.

I'm a proud member of


required+ is a network of experienced web professionals from Switzerland and Germany.

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  • facturandum

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  • hubeRsen

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  • Oberon

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  • ZÄK M-V

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Let's see where CODESCHMIEDE is located. You remember? Right, the baltic sea is just behind the corner.

I'm always interested in new projects and products. You need a new website for your business, freelancing power in PHP backend programming or a partner for a new idea you want to build? Meet or call me!